Our Services

Arctic Web Map (AWM)


Arctic Web Map (AWM) provides an Arctic-specific web mapping tool allowing researchers to customize map projections for scientifically accurate visualization and analysis, a function that is critical for arctic system research but missing in existing web mapping platforms.  It will also provide a visually appealing tool for education and outreach to a wider audience.



Arctic Scholar (AS)


Arctic Scholar enables researchers, educators, interested private sector entities, government agencies, and the general public to access and share arctic data and information contained in assorted formats including publications, grey literature, research licenses, photo archives, field notes, and project metadata from arctic field stations.



Arctic Sensor Web (ASW)

Arctic Sensor Web (ASW) enables research stations around the pan-Arctic to connect their sensors, including those that provide near-real time data, to a cloud service for visualization, information sharing, and collaborative analysis.


Arctic BioMap (ABM)
Arctic BioMap (ABM) will enable members of the scientific community and northern residents to contribute observations on arctic animal species for the purpose of biodiversity monitoring, assessment, research, management and education.