About ArcticConnect

ArcticConnect was developed by the Arctic Institute of North America (AINA), GeoSensorWeb Lab (Department of Geomatic Engineering, University of Calgary), and Cybera Inc. for Canada's Advanced Research and Innovation Network (CANARIE).

The Arctic Web Map service continues to be supported by AINA. Please direct any questions about the ArcticConnect project to the Research Data, Collections, & Digital Services team.

Arctic Web Map

Arctic Web Map (AWM) provides an Arctic-specific web mapping tool allowing researchers to customize map projections for scientifically accurate visualization and analysis, a function that is critical for arctic system research but missing in existing web mapping platforms.

AWM also provides a visually appealing tool for education and outreach to a wider audience.

North Pole / Bering Sea (EPSG:3571)

Geospatial Details

Each Arctic map uses the World Geodetic System, 1984 (WGS 84) geodetic coordinate reference system and a Lambert azimuthal equal-area (LAEA) projection.

The LAEA projections are centred on the North Pole (90°N) and show regions north of 45°N. The centre longitude of each map varies, as shown below and recorded in the EPSG Geodetic Parameter Dataset: